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Oppo Knee Support 1022
Oppo Knee Support 1022
Oppo Knee Support 1022
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Specification of Oppo Knee Support 1022

The Oppo Knee Support 1022 product is designed with neoprene rubber coating, the ideal thickness flanked between cotton and nylon laminate. Helps maintain body heat and improve blood circulation to speed up the body's natural healing process and reduce pain, swelling, or stiffness. It also reduces the risk of new or recurrent injuries by increasing muscle flexibility and improving tendon and ligament stability.
- Provides compression for weak and depressed knees
- Maintain body heat, to warm knee joints and improve blood circulation
- Helps for postoperative knee problems, strains and arthitis
- Minimize potential future injury
How to Wash
Use mild soap, do not use bleach, not in the iron, and wash dry
Dry it away from the heat / under direct sun
Caution: Do not use along with pain relief ointment


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