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Oppo Silicon Ankle Support 1409
Oppo Silicon Ankle Support 1409
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Specification of Oppo Silicon Ankle Support 1409

Oppo Silicon Ankle Support is designed with an ideal thickness neoprene rubber layer flanked between hard cotton and nylon laminates helping to maintain body heat and improve blood circulation that accelerates the body's natural healing process, reduces pain, swelling, and stiffness and helps the injury to recover more fast. it also reduces by creating greater flexibility in muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
- Increased blood flow through irritated joint soft tissue
- Removal of hematoma and hematoma residue quickly
- Matches anatomically and controls joints while showing congestive symptoms even when walking, standing or chasing sport activities
- Action of rhythmic massage on soft tissues, joint capsules and ligaments
positive effects on metabolism and sediment resorption more quickly. there is no negative effect on muscle activity

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