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Pigeon manual pump Manually operated and light weight, PIGEON breast pump is practical and easy to use.

The suction pressure from the breastmilk pump can be adjusted for the comfort of the mother. Nipple stimulators, made of soft rubber, gently massage the nipple area to aid breastfeeding process. In addition, with a decreased pipe design and functionality, the PIGEON Manual Breast Pump gives you the opportunity to squeeze breast milk wherever you are.

Pigeon Manual Breast Pump is equipped with features such as:

Easy operating handle, ergonomically designed so as not to cause the mother's hands become tired quickly.
Independent one way milk flow path, you do not have to worry about the flow of milk. The pump section is specially designed so that the air streams between milk and air separate, to ensure that they are not mixed.
Perfect sealing water cushion, airtight cushion so that the mother can pump asi comfortably and can stimulate the sucking of milk safely without pain.
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