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Venosan 6002
Venosan 6002
Venosan 6002
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Specification of Venosan 6002

Venosan 6002 stocking is a high-compression stockings that can reduce swelling and eliminate existing varicose veins.
The function of compression stockings is to:
- Improve the function of the venous valve and reduce the dilation of the veins
- Prevent varicose veins multiply
- Reduces swelling, fatigue and cramps
Everyone should be measured the circumference of his foot to get the right stockings. This stocking will feel tight when worn, but with frequent wear will get used.
How to care / wash venosan stockings
1. Ventosan stockings may be washed using detergent or laundry soap
2. Do not wear fabric softener or bleach because it can affect material from venosan stockings
3. Do not dry under the sun directly
4. Pay attention to sharp-edged rings and sharp, ruptured fingernails can damage your stockings

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